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Field Schedule

Coach are supplied their field schedules approximately 1-2 weeks before the new month of training. 

Please note:

  • Do not change or swap assignements without notifying the scheduler.  No side deals please!
  • If you have concerns with your schedule please have the coach contact the club field scheduler. 
  • Time blocks for training and intended to be 1.5 hours in length. Some times due to the way the club receives blocks of fields, the assignemnts may be 1 hour or 1.25 hours.  If your assignments are shorter than 1.5 hours, please intend to use the space alongside the field before or after your time to get in the full 1.5 hours.

If you need help or have questions click here:  Field Scheduler 

Training Materials

Click for Training Materials

Session Planners, Block Planners, Attendance, etc

Player Pass

The current rules for the player pass rules. 

Play Time Policy

Employment Forms for Coaches

Al coaches and contractors must fill out these two forms:

  • INS i-9, print sign and provide copies of identifcation
  • IRS W-9, print & sign

We need original signatures.  Sign, and mail them to:

Seattle United, Accounting
650 S. Orcas St, Suite 220
Seattle, WA 98108


Coaches Travel Remibursement Policy