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Top Ten Reasons Players Choose Seattle United



1.     1. Seattle United coaches are limited to coaching TWO TEAMS in any one seasonal year. We feel that, should coaches be allowed to coach more than two teams, the product will most definitely suffer. Our players not only deserve to have a coach’s full attention at training, but players and teams should never have to feel like they are at the mercy of the coach’s schedule. Seattle United is a PLAYER DRIVEN club, not a coach driven club.

2.     2. Seattle United Copa and Tango players will train, on average, 3 times per week. Seattle United Regional Select players will train, on average, 2 times per week. Developmentally, players at this age and level need to be on the field, with a ball, training and competing. Unless players are able to do this in an organized and structured way, they will have a hard time living up to their soccer-playing potential.

3.     3. During the summer, all Seattle United Copa, Tango and Samba players will have access to “Summer Director Sessions.” Over the course of the summer, all premier level players will have access to at least 8 daytime sessions above and beyond their team training sessions. These sessions will see age groups mixing for sessions and each session will have a different training emphasis. These sessions are at no extra cost to premier level players and are a part of their club fee.

4.     4. All Seattle United players (both premier and select) will have access to our Seattle United supplemental programs (ATP, SAQ, FUTSAL, GK Program, etc.). At Seattle United, we want to provide players with as many opportunities to train in a competitive environment as possible. While some players will receive all the training they need in their team environments, player development is not a “one size fits all” science. Some players need more opportunities and we want to be able to provide them.

5.     5. Seattle United has a published playing time policy for both premier and select level players. There are many important pieces to a player development pie. One of these pieces is getting quality game minutes over the course of the seasonal year. Seattle United publishes our playing time policy for two reasons. First, we want to advertise the fact that we take playing time very seriously and are aware of the importance of playing time for all players. Second, we want all of our players, coaches and parents to be on the same page when it comes to playing time. This will serve to minimize concerns over the course of the year.

6.     6. All Seattle United players get 2 written evaluations a year (one due September 1 and one due February 1) and one formal face-to-face evaluation meeting per year. We consider our coaches to be teachers more than anything else. As such, we need to continually find teaching opportunities on and off of the field in order for our players to reach their potential. Most of the time, this takes shape in the form of on-field feedback, both player-specific and team-oriented. However, it is extremely beneficial for all coaches to communicate a player’s strengths and weaknesses in written form and in a player/parent conference. This will ensure that all are parties are on the same page and that each area of concern is properly articulated.

7.     7. All of our coaches are required to send at least one email per month to their team that reviews the previous month’s results, discusses the current state of the team and prepares the team for the coming month. The team’s training emphasis should also be articulated so that all families are aware of what is taking place during their child’s sessions. Tournament reviews are also a part of this “Coach’s Communication Policy.” Seattle United takes its communication with its families very seriously and has identified it as one of the primary areas that we want to consistently improve upon. Making sure that our staff is regularly updating their families is a crucial part of their job and will often times help stave off any potential concerns.

8.     8. Seattle United is the biggest select club in WA. Currently, our club has more than 1,800 players and operates 126 teams. We made a decision to operate our select and premier clubs under one banner, thereby making player placement, player movement and club oversight of player development much more efficient.

9.     9. We have 8 full time soccer coaches/directors on staff. The Seattle United BOD takes its responsibility of managing the development of young soccer players very seriously. For this reason, the club currently employs 8 full time soccer staff members, whose primary occupation is creating, implementing and monitoring the development programs that benefit all Seattle United players. The club’s coaching staff also ranks as one of the best around, with 6 USSF A License coaches, 11 USSF B License coaches, 10 USSF C License coaches, 22 USSF D License coaches and 4 coaches who have their UEFA B License.

10. 10. Seattle United Partnership with the Magnuson Athletic Club/Arena Sports. Beginning in winter, 2012, Seattle United will partner with the Magnuson Athletic Club and Arena Sports to make the MAC “The Official Workout Facility of Seattle United.” This partnership will provide our older premier teams with dedicated and sport-specific training programs and injury prevention programs as a part of their club fees.  Every team within the club will be able to opt into a team-specific training program and all members will be able to take advantage of member pricing for club memberships, free informational seminars executed by the MAC professional staff, as well as many other exciting opportunities.