G03/04 Copa

Please Say Hello to Seattle United G03/04 Copa!


Seattle is their home and their roots can be found across the globe just like the beautiful game!


Let’s meet some of the players of the G03/G04 Copa team:

 was born in Seattle. Her mom and dad, as well as all four of her grandparents, were born in Seattle too.  Her great grandparents on her mom's side were both born in Norway. They immigrated to the USA when they were around 18 years old. Her dad's side comes from Norway and Europe.


Vani was born in Seattle and raised by her mom, an immigrant from India, and her dad, a first-generation immigrant from India who grew up in Seattle.


Gabbie was born and raised in Seattle, WA. Her dad’s family is from Louisiana, with roots from France, while her mom was born here. Living in Seattle has been great for Gabbie and her family because of the progressive atmosphere and the access to the mountains and the ocean with just a car ride.


Annie​ ​was born in Seattle, ​after her parents moved here from the East Coast and California. My ancestors are from a variety of Western European countries, primarily Scotland, England, and Ireland.​"​


Sophia​ ​was born in Seattle, and ​her family is ​of ​Chinese, German, and Irish​ descent. 


Minda​’s parents are first generation immigrants from China​.


Lyla​ and her father are from Seattle, and her mom is from New Mexico.  My grandma Mary Lou is also from Seattle. Lastly, her grandpa is from a small town in Massachusetts, though originally from Ireland and Italy.​"


Arabella is from Seattle. ​Her mom is from Twin Falls​,​ Idaho and her dad is from Richland, Washington. Her​ grandparents on her dad​'​s side are from Utah and Oregon.​


Elise​’s mom​'​s side of the family is originally from Seoul, Korea, and she came to the ​US when she was 15. Her dad is from Wisconsin, and ​his great grand​-​parents came to Wisconsin from Germany​.​


Anna​​ is a quarter Italian​ and​ grew up in Seattle. ​Her mom is half Italian and grew up in St. Louis. Her father grew up in New Mexico. He doesn’t know ​his ​family lineage because his mom was adopted. But Anna would say that she is mostly Italian with other European scattered throughout.


Dacotah​ ​was born in Austin, Texas and trace her​ ancestry back to Africa, Germany, Norway, and Scotland​.


​And finally, coach Julianna (Jules)​ ​was born and raised in Seattle​. Her mom is from Washington, raised in Olympia and then Bainbridge Island. Her mom and dad were both raised in Washington and have roots originally from Ireland and Germany. Her dad was born and raised in Accra, Ghana. Both of his parents were also raised in Accra, Ghana and roots tracing back to Nigeria.​