Hateful Language Will Not Be Tolerated

Over the past few months, there have been several incidents at a number of games where use of the "N-word” has been heard or used on the pitch.
Seattle United holds a hardline that such hateful, abusive and racist language has no place in our community, and that where facts corroborate the use of the N-word or any conjugation of it by members of the SU community, disciplinary action will be swift, including player or parent/guardian suspension.
Seattle United is working with the respective leagues (NPSL, RCL, ECNL) involved to address these specific incidents. Seattle United will continue to provide support to all of our youth and families
(1) to recognize racism in all forms, from subversive to blatant displays of racism;
(2) invest in anti-racist education for our coaching staff, administrative staff, and members of our board of directors to provide support to our black players, coaches, and staff; and
(3) lift up the black voices in our soccer community to address systemic racism in soccer across genders.
Thank you.
Seattle United FC
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