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Jimmy Mcalister

director of soccer

kevin long

executive director

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technical director

kyle rodeheaver

boys director of coaching

richard reece

girls director of coaching

matt brewer

junior sounders academy

paul aur

regional program director

raphael cox

shoreline regional director

george singh

south regional director

carlos enriquez

community outreach

george vukic

programs director

brooke reece

ecnl manager

michele authier

office manager

sean russell

camps director

gary whitehouse

college coordinator

brooke reece

ecnl manager

jasmin zachwieja

certified athletic trainer

paige blomso



Gary Whitehouse was born and raised in Seattle. In the early 80’s he moved to the Eastside where he raised his son Matt by himself. Gary started volunteering as a coach when Matt was 6 and continued until his son chose to play year-round soccer at the age of 12. His son joined the Crossfire Soccer Club where Gary was a team manager and board member. When Matt was a junior in high school, Gary started researching the college recruiting and selection process. There was so little information available Gary spent endless hours trying to better understand the process. In 2004, Matt was offered a D1 scholarship to play at UC Riverside. Not knowing enough about what Matt really wanted to do, he decided not to play college soccer. At this time, Gary quit his corporate sales manager position to start a consulting business to help soccer student-athletes with their college selection.

Gary has been doing individual college advising for student-athletes and academic only students for the last 18 years. He has worked with over 300 families with the college selection process. In addition, at Seattle United, Gary offers a free consultation for any family who wants to better understand the processes. Gary has built relationships with well over 100 college coaches throughout the country.

Gary’s passion for helping families is genuine and passionate. His favorite hobby is golf. Gary raised his son Matt, as a single dad and taught him golf at an early age. They enjoy playing together. Gary also enjoys being outdoors bike riding, swimming, and long walks.