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Director, REgions

Bastien grew up in France in a town called Laon. He went to university in France and graduated with a PE teacher degree. Bastien moved to the US in 2012 to play soccer at Davis & Elkins college for two years. He was an all-American there and earn a degree in sport management. He moved to Seattle in 2014, started coaching with Pac NW and join Seattle United in 2019. In France, Bastien was always involved into coaching as every Sunday he was on the sideline even as a young age to be the “assistant coach” of the men first team.

Bastien has his A license from US Soccer but also holds an instructor license. Bastien was the coach of the B08 ECNL that fell short in the ECNL national Championship this summer 2022. He was a coach for the club until he became director of the region and social media coordinator in spring 2022.

Bastien enjoys Swimming, biking and running. When he has time, he is doing Triathlon races. His favorite teams are Marseille and Arsenal but Bastien is a sport fan and enjoy all sports.